8/12 BW Jazz Cafe - Koba Ko Ramen


Blow Water Jazz Cafe
Bringing you 1980s Tokyo vibes, dumplings and ramen with live jazz, performed by Kings Heath musicians

£30 Food + Music ticket includes:
Pork Menu
-Smashed Cucumber with Black Fungus (vg.)
-Pork and Chinese Chive Dumplings
-Tonkotsu ramen
Pork bone broth - shio tare - bonito oil
Chashu pork collar - Nitamago (seasoned egg)
Leek whites - young menma - nori
Vegan Menu
-Smashed Cucumber with Black Fungus (vg.)
-Shiitake Mushroom, Chinese Chive, Cabbage, Carrot Dumplings (vg.)
-Miso ramen (vg.)
Shitake dashi - 3 miso tare - Ra-yu (spicy oil)
Tofu "mince" - Hiratake Mushrooms
Leek white - young menma - nori

8th December Thursday

6:30 - 8:30pm Ramen slurping, you must arrive before 7pm
8:45 pm Live Jazz - Standing only

Please note that there is no dinner if your ticket is £10 - 8:45pm Gig only